Employment & Human Resources

    • Michael is advising several international and foreign entities on the adjustment of their employment policies and practices to comply with the evolving Italian Labour Law.
    • Michael is advising an Italian services enterprise regarding workplace reorganization and rationalization of personnel.
    • Michael is advising an Italian subsidiary of a Scandinavian industrial multinational on labour relation matters and on the negotiation of a workplace union agreement in a new production facility in Italy
    • Michael advised an Italian multinational concerning the termination of employees seconded abroad.

Mergers & Acquistions

    • Michael acted as team leader and negotiator, working with Andrea Stigi (Real Estate), Tommaso Trulli (Environmental and Regulatory), Pietro Paolo Ferraro (Corporate), and Amedeo Stangherlin (Tax and Accounting), on the acquisition of a vineyard for a foreign investor. The firm continues to advise the company as it acquires additional assets and develops and expands its business in Italy and abroad.

Corporate & Commercial

    • Michael together with Prof. Avv. Ferraro recently assisted a shareholder and former director of a large shipping company in bankruptcy in filing a lawsuit contesting the statement of liabilities of the bankruptcy. In conjunction with this challenge, a third-party bankruptcy composition proposal foreseeing the shouldering most of the bankruptcy’s debts by the proposer was submitted and approved, thereby avoiding the liquidation of the company’s assets through Court Auction.

    • Michael and Prof. Pietro Paolo Ferraro assisted an Italian Foundation in the settlement a trademark dispute with a foreign player.
    • Michael together with Tommaso Trulli and Andrea Stigi successfully defended an agribusiness and won attorney’s fees in a lawsuit filed by a partner in the business. Read the Judgement (Source: Giurisprudenza delle Imprese)
  • Michael negotiated a trademark acquisition on behalf of an agricultural business.

    • Michael recently advised entrepreneurs accused of copyright infringement and undue appropriation of business secrets;

    • Michael is helping the co-authors of a scientific article to enforce their copyright following the unauthorized use of parts of the article and usurpation of its authorship by a third party.

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